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Skill Testing Exam Software For IOS Devices

Online exam making exam engine software for ios devices which comes with the most significant features to conduct exams and quiz.

<p>Time for a change from paper and pen-based exam environment to computer-based testing, the Skill testing software is the one-stop solution for pen-and-paper based exams, make one simple solution for different types of exams. Skill testing exam software is the online exam maker which plays a key role in the educational field. Academic areas such as schools, institutes, and colleges are pushing towards this test method, which helps reduce paper usage, instant scorecards, time management, and much other help as soon as he/she hits the submit button.</p> <p><br />Get the Exam engine software for ios devices in the app store ios app with different features like Timed, flashcards, exam mode learn mode and review mode. Other features include font adjustment, night/day modes, and bookmarking. Authors can create exams using <a href="">skill testing exam software</a> as per their needs and requirements by using the ios app with different parameters like the number of questions per exam, question types. It allows the candidates to take the test using CBT(Computer-based Test) exam engine with just one click. Some important feature of exam engine software is listed below.<br /><strong>Features of Exam Software:</strong></p> <ul> <li>Easy Download and Install</li> <li>Customize the application to display your own institute logo.</li> <li>Supports various question types, including Multiple choices with Single/multiple answers, Drag-n-Drop(Text?Image), Exhibit, Hotspot, and Scenario-based questions.</li> <li>Configure exam parameters like the number of questions per exam, exam time, pass percentage.</li> <li>Intuitive Navigation</li> <li>Read modes: White text on a black background(Night mode) Black text on white background(Day mode)</li> <li>Import the exams from local storage or by giving a URL</li> <li>Learn mode: Allows to learn where the candidate can view the questions with answers for self-learning</li> <li>Exam mode: Allows to take the test with real exam surroundings like time limit, scoring, and etc.</li> <li>Review mode: It allows the candidate to save the results for future reference</li> <li>Candidates can add notes for each question while taking the exam for any reference at a later stage.</li> <li>Instant scorecard after ending the exam.</li> </ul> <p>Disclaimer: Skill testing Exam engine software is a copyright of Anand Software and Training privately limited, a privately held company in Bangalore, India. The CBT Exam Engine consists of regular desktop version, as well as the Android/iOS versions of the software.</p>

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